Author event 2019



Carol is not only a singing star from the 60’s but also a very good writer and is such a knowledgable lady about so many things. She was our musical director for our door at the living advent calendar plus we had her choir there for a couple of carols.

This book is available on Amazon here.


Author event 2019


Not only is Claire a children’s author but also a very good gardener with a youtube channel. Wife of Mark Stay the Sci-fi author so expect many great things from this mighty duo.

Claire has been gardening since she was a child and is now one of the UK’s top gardening bloggers – her Youtube channel has had over 4 million views with over 15,000 regular subscribers. She has worked with various children’s groups, including gardening clubs and the Matrix theatre company, and she also runs special Lottie and Dottie workshops for younger children.

Read Claire’s blog at, like her on Facebook, and watch her Youtube channel at

Author event 2019


Mark writes Sci-fi adventure, the newest release is The End of Magic 2019 which is available on Amazon here.

Mark co-wrote the movie ROBOT OVERLORDS with director Jon Wright, which was selected for the 58th BFI London Film Festival, he also wrote the film’s novelisation which was published by Gollancz to critical acclaim. Mark is also co-presenter of The Bestseller Experiment podcast, where he and Mark Desvaux challenged themselves to write a Kindle bestseller in 12 months. Their novel, BACK TO REALITY, was an international bestseller in 10 categories. Born in London, he now lives in Kent (it’s the law, apparently) with writer and Youtube gardener Claire Burgess, their kids, several chickens and a murderous fish.

2020 launches his next BEST SELLER EXPERIMENT which consists of writing 200 words a day throughtout 2020.




Please do come along today to meet 37 yes 37 authors who will be downstairs in The Chambers from 2 pm until 6 pm

You can talk to them, buy their books which they will sign for you so it makes it a really nice Christmas present for the bookworm.

How about asking them how they got into writing, have you ever wanted to write a book? Then please do pop along and they will answer all your questions.

When you enter you will be given a raffle ticket for free! During the afternoon about every twenty minutes there will be a ticket drawn and you can pick your prize, there will be some great books and things to choose from.

This event has been put on by Chris & Liz from The Chambers, Karen’s World and Write By The Sea.



Next year we will be having our meetings at The Hideaway in Folkestone with the first one of the year on Thursday 9th January at 6.30 pm please do come along if you are anything to do with books, especially writing them.






Come and meet our local best selling author Charlie Gallagher at the above event, he will be answering questions and signing his books, which I have to say are brilliant and you can read all the reviews on my blog Karen’s World here.

See you there  x




Background to Dateline Haifa and the Clements Chronicles by D A Kent

Who is behind D A Kent

D A Kent is the pen name for a writing duo based in Hythe, which is behind a new series called The Clements Chronicles. Dateline Haifa is the first book in the series.

Andrew Paul is a researcher and writer, with a rock album (Scream Arena) and another novel (Rue Bonaparte) already under his belt. I worked for a law firm in the West End in the early eighties and then for many years as an investigator for Lloyd’s of London, before working as a private eye. More recently, my research became historical and I branched out as a genealogist.

Andrew and I have worked together for ten years as heir hunters, tracing beneficiaries for intestate estates (where somebody has died without making a will and in the absence of family the money otherwise goes to the Crown.) We both work from our respective homes. Anybody in this line of work will happily tell you that they have come across enough material over the course of their careers to fill a library. They’ll also readily confirm that there are days when you feel as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall.

How did the idea for the novel and series come about?

One afternoon, after a particularly deadly few hours sifting through records and travelling up a few blind alleys, we decided it was time to write our novel. We took as our inspiration one of the cases we had worked on – an Englishman and a Frenchwoman who lived on a farm in France. She was Jewish and was deported to Auschwitz, where she perished. Her husband died in 1948 and we were, many years on, charged with finding heirs. They were the real life Jonathan and Louise in Dateline Haifa and our inspiration.

Where did Sylvia and Gunn come from?

Mark Gunn and Sylvia Fordred are the main characters in our series, two young private investigators who have survived the war (just about) and, in 1948, have their own firm, Clements Investigations, in a ramshackle office in Clements Inn, just off the Strand in London.

They always say “write what you know.” When I was working for the solicitors in the West End, we sometimes used to instruct a little firm of investigators who worked out of an office above Leicester Square tube station. I sometimes used to visit them on the way to or from the Royal Courts of Justice and was struck by the two hard-bitten veterans and their office, crammed full of files. Their room used to shake when the tube trains went through underneath.

What made us choose 1948?

For us, as historians, it is a fascinating period of history; in some ways so near to us, within living memory…and in other ways very far removed. The world had been picked up, shaken to its core and flung back down again. Again, the untold stories from that era have always intrigued us both.

How do you write together?

Many people comment that they would find writing with somebody else very difficult. We don’t find it so. Working together on our probate cases has certainly helped; we spend many days testing out theories when we are trying to put family trees together.

We tend to have a brief discussion of how a story could develop and then we begin writing – typically a few paragraphs, sometimes more. Andy, with his “rock” background, describes it as being like a guitar riff – playing a few chords, seeing what works and taking it from there.  Perhaps because of the work we do – breathing life into what can be a series of dusty old records – we love our characters and very much enjoy developing them.

What’s next for Sylvia and Gunn?

The rest of the series is in production. There is a rocky road (quite literally) ahead for them both, with plenty of adventures on the way. Watch this space.







Hi, I’m Trevor Twohig and I was born in South East London. I was never great at school, except English. Throughout my life I have created novels, novellas, poetry and lyrics. For a large part of my professional life I have been a teacher and Head of English as creating a desire to write in the next generation is something I believe strongly in.

I write for a number of companies and websites in the business sector and was commissioned to write an independent screenplay in 2015.

I appeared at the Folkestone Book Festival in 2016 where I discussed my journey and promoted my novel ‘Sunny Sands, which was released in December 2018.

I have been working on my first children’s novel and this is completed and slated for a 2020 release.

In January 2020, I will start work on the follow up to ‘Sunny Sands.’





French-born Tucson chanteuse Marianne Dissard recorded and toured with members of alt-Americana bands Giant Sand and Calexico before moving back to Europe in 2013 after three decades in the American West. Her critically-acclaimed desert noir chanson plays effortlessly with contradictions: ‘tender, yet abrasive; melodramatic, but vulnerable; comical and heartbreaking’. Equally so her first book, ‘Not Me’, an impish and poetic memoir and exploration of trauma and the life of a disordered touring musician, praised by some of Dissard’s favorite authors; Mitch Cullin (‘Tideland’), Chris Rush (‘The Light Years’), and Andrew Smith (‘Moondust’). Marianne is now based in Ramsgate, England where she lived for a spell onboard a wooden ketch.



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This is going to be a very interesting evening as if you have ever wanted to send your stories to magazines then this is just for you. Jane will be talking about how to pitch your ideas and stories.

Jane has written many books with her latest The Big Five-0 just published.





This is going to be a super event as we now have over twenty authors attending on Thursday afternoon the 21st November 2pm until 6 pm. This is a completely free event, you will also be given a raffle ticket when entering then during the afternoon there will be spot prizes awarded.


I plan on getting to Chambers about 12 and having some lunch there to support the venue so please join me as soon as you can. The restaurant is open until 2pm then afterwards the coffee shop upstairs will still be open so snacks can be got from there. After lunch, we will start getting set up for all the authors.


There will be a poster coming soon with all the authors on it.