I think Karen’s World should go on here! lol

I cannot wait to get hold of this and have a big Folkestone games night. I can think of so many places that could go on here so what a task that is going to be for them. We even beat Cornwall to get this board, how good is that? I am going to show you my list so please let me know what you think, or have I missed something out? I do of course think I should go on there lol

Karen’s World


The Harbour Arm
The Warren
The Old High Street
Martello Tower
Write by the sea (Folkestone’s writing group)
Chummies fish stall
Party Bar
St Eanswythe church
Burstin Hotel
Sunny sands
The Leas

I wonder if they will put places on from the past as then it would have to be:

The Parisian and The Rotunda!

I am just so excited, it’s going to be great. I never realised how many places actually have their own Monopoly until I started to write this blog post. I wonder if I can get them to send me the first one, then maybe I could play it with my favourite Folkestone people in one of the places they pick!


  1. A few additional landmarks for you (a mix of the old and new):

    Rowland’s Rock Shop
    Silver Screen Cinema
    Railway Viaduct
    Harbour Station
    Bobby’s department store
    Hillside Club (where Hendrix played)
    The Grand Hotel
    Pleasure Gardens
    Step Short Arch
    Steep Street Coffee House

    I am sure there are others.

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