From the 9th January 2020, this writing group will be held at The Hideaway in Bouverie Road West. The bar and restaurant will be open with an evening menu available.  It is all on the same level so easily managed for the disabled.


Our meetings will follow the same as this year, a group meeting and an author talk each month. We will also have special events like a sci-fi evening and a crime panel, these dates will be available next year.

We will also have a BOOK SWAP table for the readers, a group book reading will be available each month for the members who like to read and chat about the books. Maybe we could read the book that our visiting author has written so we can then ask any questions we may have about the book?

We should have our retreat up and running by the summer so if you have any ideas of workshops you would like to attend then please let me know.  My plan is for authors to come and stay in Folkestone so they can just write in a calm atmosphere but with the opportunity of attending workshops if they would like too.

Newsletters will now be emailed to all members once a month. Please sign up to receive emails with the latest posts from this website as then you will not miss anything.

We welcome new members, also if anyone wants to be part of the group but cannot attend the meetings then do please let me know as I can keep you informed about everything from the group.

Thank you to everyone that attends you are what makes this group so great.

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