Colin Bateman is a newspaper journalist by trade having spent more than 30 years covering sport for a variety of national newspapers including the Daily Express, the Guardian, the Telegraph and Times.

Principally a Cricket Correspondent, he became an Olympic Correspondent for the London 2012 Games and Sochi 2014 before giving up the day job to spend more time at his home in Cranbrook, Kent, with his family, and to pursue his dream of writing novels. Beyond the Waves is his second.

The book, a modern-day thriller, is a complete departure from the subjectof sport. Set on the South Coast in Rye Harbour and the Channel Islands, the novel tells the story of an art gallery owner who sets out to discover her father’s dark past in World War II. Inspired by real events, the narrative weaves a remarkable story of heroism in the Nazi-occupied Channel Islands with a modern-daytale of a family under threat and seeking answers.

His first novel, A Dreadful Trade, is set on the south coast near Dover and Dungeness where a young photographer stumbles across a smuggling racket with deadly consequences.  


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