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Carol Maureen Creasey was born in Kent on 8th April 1944, and has lived most of her life there. She was educated at Archbishop Tenison’s Grammar School, where she attained O level GCE in French and Latin. She returned to evening classes at the age of 40, and passed GCSE grade B in 5 more subjects, and then passed A level English Literature. It was during those classes she discovered how much she enjoyed writing. She owned and ran her own shop as well as bringing up 4 children, and now also has 4 grand daughters and 1 great grand daughter, and a great grand son.

Her first book entitled MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! published in 1993 was inspired by her son, who was born with autism and multiple handicaps, but also a very strong will to live. At this time she spent her time trying to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by families of disabled children by contacting secondary schools, and through this was invited to speak at some of their morning assemblies.

She has continued to write articles about a variety of subjects since then, publishing them on internet writing sites.

Her second book with United Writers was published in 2006, which is about hypocrisy and tangled love affairs, and the grief that this can cause. It is entitled. Not Just an Affair.

Then came EVIL WOMAN, which was published on 24th May 2013, she tried to create a woman so evil that it leaves the reader feeling disturbed, and wondering what she will do next. The evil woman uses anything and everyone that she can to get what she wants in life, leaving a trail of destruction behind her. The sequel, entitled EVIL WOMAN …takes REVENGE was published in in June 2015.

Her next work was set in the 1960’s entitled The Power of Love. It is about a mother’s love for her autistic son at a time when very little was known about the condition, and her feelings for the boy’s father. her latest work,, One Moment of Madness was published in April 2018, and has already been nominated for a READER’S CHOICE AWARD. It came 3rd, and now EVIL WOMAN has been nominated in the thriller section for 2019.

On 22nd February 2019 MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! was published again in paperback and made available on kindle, as all copies of the original hardback book had been sold.

Apart from writing, Carol enjoys long walks with her dog along her local beaches, swimming, and playing badminton. She also enjoys watching Formula One racing, being a fan of Lewis Hamilton.

She enjoys listening to most music, especially by Gareth Gates, who has also inspired her by his own example with the work he has done to help people who stammer.

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