I have been a serving UK police officer for ten years. During that time I have had many roles, starting as a frontline response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and I am currently a detective investigating the more serious offences.

My books are a series of thrillers and, rather unsurprisingly, policing is central to the stories. 

The central themes are greed, ambition, corruption and addiction. Characters from both sides of the law will fall foul to their respective temptations.

I am inspired by what I do and see in my day-job as a police detective, though my books are entirely fictional. I am aware that the police officers in my books are not always show positively. They are human and they make mistakes. This can be the case in real life too, but the vast majority of officers are honest and do a job in trying circumstances. From what I see on a daily basis, the men and women who wear the uniform and among the very finest, and I am proud to be part of one of the best police forces in the world.

The books are set in the fictional town of Langthorne. This is typical of many smaller seaside towns dotted around the UK’s coastline. Once a thriving tourist destination, where the affluent built grand seafront houses, it has suffered a hard fall from grace. Unemployment has blighted the area and so has crime. Drugs are a big scene. Most UK seaside towns have a problem with them. The Epping Hill estate (known by the locals as Effingell) was constructed in the 80s in response to a sudden demand for social housing and now it’s onto the third generation. Thirty years of crime, violence and desperation have become part of the very fabric of the estate.

Maddie Ives Books:
Book 1 – He Is Watching You
Book 2 – He Will Kill You

The books of the Langthorne Series:
Book 1 – Bodily Harm
Book 2 – Panic Button
Book 3 – Blood Money
Book 4 – End Game
Book 5 – Missing
Book 6 – Then She Ran
Book 7 – Her Last Breath

The box set containing books 1-3 is currently available at just 3.99p (as a digital download).

Standalone books:

On the 17th January we had Charlie Gallagher come and give us a talk. What a super evening listening to how he writes these best sellers and does a day job in the police force.


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