The Beacon is a relatively new school on Park Farm Road in Folkestone.

This year for the first time they are having an event on Saturday 4th April 2020 from 10 am until 8 pm. This will be for many authors, artists and well being practitioners. Authors will have a table or bring their own, they can bring props etc to decorate their display, it is up to them how they organise their selling space. Artists will have wall available for all their pictures as well as a table. Well being will also have a table and whatever they bring to aid their practise. Tables will be £10 for authors and £35 for artists. The area is very large so plenty of space for everyone.

This is a free event for people to attend.

There is also the provision to set-up and take down the day before and day after as it is a long day.

The food and bar will be available all day with Chris and Liz from The Chambers behind that, so the food is going to be great. Thank you to you both for doing this, which I hope will be a brilliant success so we can do it again in August and December over two days and include workshops.

We also plan on having some gentle live music in the eating/drinking area so you can have a chill on the sofa with a coffee or drink.

If you are looking to stay in Folkestone for the weekend then Jo has availability at her properties here.

So far we have  a good number of people booking tables but we need some more so if you have a book or painting you wish to sell then please do get in touch.

Contact Karen at

We require authors, artists and well being practitioners. If you can provide some live music then please get in touch, it would be good if this could be done on a busking arrangement but if not then please send your prices. I will add that we do not have much in the pot for expenses.

There will be free parking on the sight that day.  Come for the day or even the weekend at the seaside.

Please do share this so we reach more people about this super event, thank you.


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