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During the build-up to the author event last week I took two authors into Academy FM to have a chat with Kay.

Kate Abley has written her first book called Changing the subject, which she very kindly gave me a copy of so it is on my list to read. Then from Ashford, we have Drew Wagar who is on his ninth book! You can read more about each author under the event tab.

Very good show so I will be putting up on here later in the week, I was the only one that messed up as usual.


I loved the signs that Rosie did from The Chambers and they certainly pulled in the crowds.

I will be doing a post about each author that attended the event over the next month if it makes you wish you had been there then make sure you put it in your diaries for next year. I had no thoughts about doing this again but I have been asked by everybody who came also Chris and Liz from The Chambers. It was an excellent venue with more authors popping up around each corner downstairs. So it looks like I will be hosting another ‘Meet the author’ event in 2020!


I had many thank you’s and I would like to share a selection with you, as without the authors I could not have accomplished this. At least next year I know all what to do and what worked well, maybe I will practise the poster making on Canva a bit more! lol


Thank you to everyone who came to the event, see you next year.

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