What a busy time the writing group have had the last few weeks, first we had the book event and meeting all those brilliant authors, I will be doing blog posts about each of them next week.

The Chambers hosted a fundraising Christmas market to raise funds for the homeless,  another great event last Sunday. Jodie and I bought a pack of the wax covers and food wrap which are made from cotton and wax. Feels hard but softens so you can wrap it around food, such as lime and lemons for your Christmas drinks.

We then popped over to the wellbeing centre as they had some stalls where people were selling things they had made. Jodie got a cute little wreath to put around a candle.


We also had our Living Advent calendar door number ten to open, what an absolutely brilliant evening. The five ghost stories about prominent places in Folkestone went down so well and everybody remembered their lines. We then had a Christmas buffet for members and family so that was a great evening.

We are finished now for this year but will be back on the eighth of January when I will be on the radio then the next day we have the first group meeting at The Hideaway at 6.30.

Have a super Christmas and Happy New Year




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