Christmas Poem 

What is a poem, without a rhyme? 

It’s like William Shakespeare sitting on the loo doing a ……. 

The same goes for Christmas, without any snow; dark and dank, without any cheer, just like 2020, no parties or fun, unless of course you live at number ………. 

So what was the highlight to brighten the year; it was friends and creativity, all coming together, not living in fear. 

Karen our leader, with her love for bags and high heels rallies the troops, to set minds free, just so we can all enjoy, what each other thinks, sometimes great works, sometimes more for the loo! 

Caroline,  yes; Caroline, doen’t like carols, so this Christmas we sing Carolines, outside please, under the mistletoe. 

Carol our songstress, I’m sure has written a few lines of Jaz, Rhythm and Blues; mostly about love, but hardship, injustice and possibly all of you lot too! 

David, yes David, we all love you. Always a smile, laughter, and a joke, you brighten the room wherever you go. 

Anne Nevelle, otherwise mysteriously named, Margaret, is a brilliant writer too; well educated in verse and storytelling, she’ll be ready to mark my school work, yet another ‘2’! 

Andy arrives with troops, so beautiful and well behaved. They bring down the average age, and keeping dad, in good order, ensure he behaves. 

Jana, the astounding, can write in English too. We haven’t learnt any Czechoslovakian, however ……‘Veselé Vánoce’  

All characters in the poem are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental  

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