At our last meeting the exercise was to pick a picture and write what ever comes into your mind about it. There were a good assortment to choose from, here are some of them.

The one I chose was the door.

Everybody walked passed the door in the old stone wall. It was made to fit the hole with three heavy old bolts keeping the world out. In fact it was so old the ivy was growing over the door now as well as the wall. Creeping into joints where the wood parted slightly in the summer as it dried out.

Sometimes the children tried to pull the locks so they could get through the door but they never moved. No child had ever been through the door in the old sandstone wall.


Fred was showing off as usual, telling his friends that he could open the door. No one believed him and told him to just shut up. “Ok then,” Fred shouted. Lets see who is the chicken now and won’t go through the door. With that he got his friend Dick over to the door, “you pull the bottom lock Dick as soon as I say go. Then I will pull the other two locks all at the same time”.

“Yer Yer Yer” shouted the kids that had gathered to watch Fred make an idiot of himself.


As they all pulled the locks the door creaked and groaned then there was an almighty BANG as the door flew open! Every single child ran as fast as their legs could carry them, they were terrified, of what no one knew but after all that no one was there to see what was being the door. Then it shut.

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