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Mark Brophy lives alongside the Royal Military Canal near Hythe in Kent. His first book, “The Prince’s Parade” is set in the area where he now lives, a unique wild area on the coast. The book tells the story of Hana, a young girl who moves to the area from London. She falls in love with her new environment and finds excitement but also solace in nature. When she hears that a housing development is planned nearby, Hana enlists the help of some rather unusual friends to stop it.

Mark chose to write this story to explore human relationships and how access to nature is vital for human health. Hana embodies the hope to be found in young people who often have a keen sense of place as part of the environment.
All profit from the book will go to the Save Prince’s Parade campaign, an organisation which has fought for many years to protect this space in Kent.
Mark has visited local schools, speaking to children about nature and engaging with them. He has various ideas for his next book but for now is enjoying talking to people about The Prince’s Parade. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit


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C3B686CB-2577-49F7-AB8F-63BAC7F88A23Martin Moseling was a playing member of MCC and various other cricket clubs including Cross Arrows, Band of Brothers, Incogniti and Cryptics. He once made a hundred at Lord’s but sometimes failed to mention it was on the Nursery Ground! He used to write a regular cricket blog entitled acricketsortofchap. He was a member of the Association of Cricket Statisticians & Historians and the Cheltenham Cricket Society.

Tony Quarrington is a huge cricket fan so joined Martin on the journey to publishing. Retired now Tony spends his time in his childhood holiday town of Folkestone, active on social-media also hosting local walking tours which are popular in the summer.

Available here on Amazon.

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After the Wakefields discover their dead father squandered all the family money and re-mortgaged the family home while he worked abroad. Xania looks after all the family members in her house on the Marsh. She is terribly burnt after trying to save her brother from a fire and all looks grim until Great Aunt Cecily dies leaving them all multi-millionaires. The whole family move into their ancestral home in the champagne province of Champagnette, nr Champagne, Northern France. But Xania has a difficult time settling. She misses Little Bringham very much. There are family issues, and tensions, and a long lost half sister makes her decide it’s time to return home to Little Bringham, where the birds sing all day, and nature is at its best in the village where time forgot. She leaves her stately home, her life of splendour to return home. To a life she is used to which is priceless. To here the cuckoos in the morning, to see the swans gliding up and down the stream not far from her home. Where houses never go up for sale because no one ever wants to move. Contentment. The Wakefield Family experience a rollercoaster of events and situations making it a compelling read. It has its humorous, serious and emotional moments. Their journey through life.

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We have had lots of interest in tonight’s event so I think it will be very popular. If you are thinking of publishing then please do pop along. I will be talking to two first time authors who took very different roads to publishing their first book.

I will be talking to them both on the sofa, trying to find out all the details, then I will open it up for questions from the audiance.

As usual this is a free event for anyone to pop along too, all we ask is that you buy a drink from the bar to support the venue.

See you tonight

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F114997C-C69E-43EC-876F-6DFED3048447After being a Legal Secretary for about 10 years, I was on the hunt to find something else that I would find just as interesting. I found that in writing and I hope you like what you read. I love fashion with a passion (pardon the pun) and therefore it is not surprising that my debut novel was going to follow that theme. This is my first novel, but it was intended to be the first of a series, and hopefully shall be, as at this point I would dearly love to be working on the revising my next book. This book is a work of fiction, although there are elements of this book that are based on myself and/or my husband. Those elements started from a small seed and grew to be developed into full characters within this book, at the time that it was written. Both my copy editor and I then edited it, during the Christmas period. Please keep your eyes peeled for GiGi’s next instalment. I have many other interests, though I love writing. You could also look at my website and see what news is on there at or follow me on either twitter @ColetteKebell or Facebook I also have to say a massive thank you to those of you who have read and reviewed my book as reviews are the all important factor, though not the only factor, that helps other readers to decide whether or not to read my book. Oh, and I’m on Goodreads as well, for those of you who are interested, so please take a look.

All Colette’s books are available from Amazon here. 

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Folkestone is surely one of the top ten places to look for fossils in Britain. The variety of fossils that can be found there is truly staggering. For centuries geologists have visited Folkestone, mainly attracted by the beautiful Gault Clay ammonites that are so abundantly found along the beach. Aside from ammonites and other invertebrate fossils, a rich variety of vertebrates has been found, including rare dinosaur remains. There is no doubt an untapped potential for new and exciting discoveries at Folkestone. This book aims to showcase the spectacular fossils that can be found at Folkestone in a series of 100 full colour plates (see below), illustrating approximately 200 different species from the Chalk, Gault Clay, Lower Greensand and also the Pleistocene mammal fauna. It is designed as a user-friendly identification guide for anyone collecting fossils there and hopefully will encourage more people to collect there and report any new rare finds.


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BC39F673-63CD-409B-81A6-D843BF9FFB58Ben Barton grew up on the Romney Marsh in Kent. His poems have been published widely in both the UK and USA. Nominated for the Canterbury Poet of the Year Award and the erbacce-prize, he works as a professional copy and travel writer.

Also a film artist, Ben’s film Stella Erratica was funded by the late David Bowie, and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. He lives in Folkestone with his husband and son, beside the beautiful North Downs.

Books available from Amazon here.