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Please give The Hideaway or Karen your orders, please.

Our task for this week is to write down words you associate with Spring, then using some of them write a story in 300 or fewer words about SPRING.

These are optional tasks so if you want to share some of your own work with the group for critique or advice then please bring it along.



It is with great happiness that I can tell you that our first book called GHOSTS BY THE SEA is available now on Amazon here.  I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone from the group for their support and help in making this happen for us all.

Many of our members have contributed to this book in different ways so it really is a combined effort from everyone. All the stories are set in Folkestone in many iconic buildings, you can even follow a map around the different places as you read about them.

I will be on Academy fm tomorrow at 11 o’clock you can listen here.  We will be running a competition so listen in and you might win a copy of the book.

You can also buy copies from The Hideaway when they open, which hopefully will be the 17th December if we leave tier 3.  Other places selling the books will be listed on our social media pages when they receive the books for sale.  Please support the many writers that have given their time to write such magnificent stories about our town.

Let us hope that we will be able to meet up again in the New Year, Merry Christmas everyone.









I hope you are all getting on ok with your ghostly stories as the deadline is looming up very quickly.

15th NOVEMBER 2020

The setting has to be in Folkestone and can be any genre as long at it has a ghostly touch of some sort. This will be the first anthology from Write By The Sea with many members contributing in some way, either by a story, poem, prowse, illustration, photograph or even a script.




Fancy winning a place at The writing academy, then this competition is the one you should enter. You can find all the details on line also in the writing magazine competition booklet.

Here are some other competitions that some of you may be interested in. Pop along to the next meeting on the 3rd September if you have any questions. We will be sharing our ghostly tales that we are writing for our first published anthology. So far we have the five tales that we used for our Advent calender and I have had one other sent to myself.

Remember we need photos and illustrations as well plus a couple of poems.

See you on the 3rd at The Hideaway, where food and drink will be available all evening.