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Hi, first of all I hope you are keeping well and safe. A few things have been bubbling away in the background and I would like to share the Zoom meetings with you that Tony has undertaken to host for the group.  Thank you Tony.

I am struggling with this lockdown so not really up for much at all, in fact I keep thinking I should be writing about all this as it will eventually be history that our future generations will read about and learn, but the motivation and thoughts are just not there.

Here is the message from Tony about how to connect with us tonight.



Firstly, if you have not already done so, please make sure you have downloaded Zoom:

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. Founded in 2011 …

The meeting ID is 788-8834-9662

The meeting Password is 132655

You may not have to use these figures.

I will open things up at 6.55pm.

I have now purchased a monthly subscription to Zoom, so there should be no issues about the meeting stopping suddenly.

That said, we can break again around 8pm in order that, those who wish to, can express their support for key workers.

I am planning now that we are joined each week by one or more local creatives to entertain us. This week, I am delighted to say that we have two popular artists for the price of one.

Some of you may know Helen Finn (Finn to her friends), owner of YoYo’s Street Food stall on the Old High Street. She is also a talented singer-songwriter, as well as fine interpreter of others’ work, and she will be singing and playing for us this evening.

In addition, I am so pleased that we will have Anthony White from Poets’ Corner reading his latest poem, “Isolation April 2020”.

With the 75th anniversary of VE Day on the following day, I invite attendees to read anything relating to the Second World War that is meaningful to them – poem, speech, personal reminiscence. Frank Butler and I are currently planning to read from the poets from that conflict.

It would also have been Robert Browning’s birthday, so if anyone wants to read from his work, they will be very welcome.

Ultimately, you are invited to read anything – a favourite poem, extract from fiction – or something you have written.

And if all else fails, I have another light Coronavirus inspired quiz for us to do!

Finally, if anyone would like to invite friends to join us, it would be great to see them too.

Look forward to seeing you this evening!

Tony Quarrington
(Owner, Tony’s Fabulous Folkestone: Voted Best Home Based Business in Folkestone 2019)
Telephone:     +44 1303 778543
Mobile:           +44 7738 624522
See you all later



Rather than cancel the scheduled “Evening with Shakespeare”, which was meant to be held at The Hideaway cafe, on the occasion of the 456th anniversary of his birth on 23rd April, it was converted into a meeting on the Zoom virtual meeting platform.

Hosted by Tony Quarrington, it proved an enjoyable couple of hours of readings from the Bard himself, reminiscences about how attendees first encountered Shakespeare at school or in the theatre, and a more general and inevitable discussion around how everyone was coping in the Coronavirus climate.

In addition to Tony, four other members of the writing group – John Leman Riley, Caroline Frances Boorman and Debby and Matthew Jones took part, along with Stuart and Valerie Sheach from the Quarterhouse Book Group (of which Tony, John and Caroline are also members), Trevor DeVooght from the Write Space writing group and Frank Butler, a friend of Tony’s from Dunton Green.

Whilst everyone was getting settled, Matthew conducted a short Shakespeare quiz which was won by Caroline, or John, or Tony, or probably all three – it didn’t really matter, but it was a lot of fun.

The following pieces from Shakespeare were read:

  • The tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow speech from Macbeth by John
  • Sonnet 18 (Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day) by Caroline
  • The St Crispin’s Day speech (We few, we happy few, we band of brothers) from Henry V by Trevor
  • Sonnet 116 (Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds) by Tony

Stuart and Valerie regaled us too with a pantomime (their word) version of Act 3, Scene 7 from King Lear, where Gloucester’s eye is plucked out by Cornwall.

Tony concluded the readings with Prospero’s Our Revels Now Are Ended speech from The Tempest, followed with a piece by the theatre critic, Bernard Levin, about the number of phrases we use today that we owe to Shakespeare (Frank had also mentioned this earlier).

It was agreed that the meeting had been a success and that it should become a regular feature, at least during the current lockdown and until “normality” is restored and we can meet again in person. Tony undertook to arrange a further meeting for the following Thursday (30th) and asked participants to suggest the format and subject matter.

Please contact Tony for the details of Thursdays Zoom chat.

Telephone:     +44 1303 778543
Mobile:           +44 7738 624522
Author event 2019



Kerry is a local best selling author from Dymchurch, I think you would describe her books as gritty crime or as she says “you have to be a bit wicked to write them”. I must say I am looking forward to reading one of Kerry’s books, which I will review on my blog under reviews at Karen’s World.


Kerry was due to attend the group as one of our visiting authors before we were all sent home for lockdown but hopefully we will see her later in the year.


Available on Amazon here.



Hi everyone, I have been through the competitions and picked out the best ones for the group, good luck and let us all know if you enter so we can cheer you on from afar.











Happy writing




I am really looking forward to this, if you would like to be involved then please do email me and I can send you the info and registration form.

This is a superb write up in the Community website and magazine.

The Beacon event

We have plenty of space for more artists as there is plenty of wall space to fill.

It is with great pleasure that I have Chris and Liz from The Chambers doing the bar and food. You relax and eat or drink while listening to some live background music.

See you there





It was with great pleasure that we had Setareh presenting us with a workshop about basic steps in writing a poem. The evening was very well received with about twelve people joining us.


Many shared their work also asking plenty of questions in the Q&A session. I felt her story about how she got into poetry, people could relate too as knowing you want to write as your career but not what to write is a path that many find themselves on.

Her husband and baby came along to listen as well, which was cute.


IN MY ARMS is the title of Setareh’s book which you can purchase here at Amazon.

Another great event for WRITE BY THE SEA.



Many thanks to you all for attending which again was a big turnout plus a huge welcome to four new writers, I hope we can support you in what you require.

Faversham Literary Festival – Jane has very kindly offered four tickets to the events pictured below, to our group. Paul is having the Michael Rosen one so if any of you would like to go to the others please let me know and I will give them to you on Thursday evening.


The event at The Beacon is coming along with almost twenty authors booked so far. If you know of any authors or artists, as we have lots of wall space to fill, who would like to be involved then please get them to contact me. There will be live music, I am looking for buskers so there is some background music in the sitting and eating area. I have a couple of wellbeing practitioners but could do with some more, please. The Write By The Sea authors will be in a group together plus I am thinking of having a reading corner so you can read parts of your books to people. If you have not registered for this then please let me know and I can send you the form.  Chris and Liz from The Chambers are doing the bar and food.

Shakespeare Evening – 23rd April, we will read out what we have written under the heading of what would he think about his birthday today, what presents would he have today, imagine you are him. Or even a comparisen of then and now for his birthday.

As the event last year at The Chambers was so good they are keen to have another one so that will be a Book Festival Fringe Event again on Sunday the 18th October from 11am until 6pm. This will consist of three separate areas downstairs for crime, sci-fi and can we have an idea for the third, I would like children’s authors but we do not appear to have that many local or even in Kent that I know.

Our writing task for March will be any of our work, so we can get feedback from everyone. This is of course optional.

Andy got back to me about the Anthology and competition so we will discuss this at the next group meeting. Please think about your stories about ghostly goings-on in Folkestone if you would like them to be added to the book. Also a ghostly cover photo plus someone to illustrate inside in parts. Or even drawings of each place that is written about.

Thursday is our event for this month, a Poetry Workshop for Valentine Day. Thank you all for helping to publicise all our events.

The link for the publication event is on Facebook but please share also our events and dates.






The Beacon is a relatively new school on Park Farm Road in Folkestone.

This year for the first time they are having an event on Saturday 4th April 2020 from 10 am until 8 pm. This will be for many authors, artists and well being practitioners. Authors will have a table or bring their own, they can bring props etc to decorate their display, it is up to them how they organise their selling space. Artists will have wall available for all their pictures as well as a table. Well being will also have a table and whatever they bring to aid their practise. Tables will be £10 for authors and £35 for artists. The area is very large so plenty of space for everyone.

This is a free event for people to attend.

There is also the provision to set-up and take down the day before and day after as it is a long day.

The food and bar will be available all day with Chris and Liz from The Chambers behind that, so the food is going to be great. Thank you to you both for doing this, which I hope will be a brilliant success so we can do it again in August and December over two days and include workshops.

We also plan on having some gentle live music in the eating/drinking area so you can have a chill on the sofa with a coffee or drink.

If you are looking to stay in Folkestone for the weekend then Jo has availability at her properties here.

So far we have  a good number of people booking tables but we need some more so if you have a book or painting you wish to sell then please do get in touch.

Contact Karen at

We require authors, artists and well being practitioners. If you can provide some live music then please get in touch, it would be good if this could be done on a busking arrangement but if not then please send your prices. I will add that we do not have much in the pot for expenses.

There will be free parking on the sight that day.  Come for the day or even the weekend at the seaside.

Please do share this so we reach more people about this super event, thank you.